Bunny Bread was a common delicacy found in most stores in the Upper Peninsula, from 1925-1980. The brand has since vanished.

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Bunny Bread was NOT started by the Brown family. It was started by Jack Lewis in 1925, in Anna, Illinois. Lewis Bakeries franchises the brand. The Wonder Bread brand is franchised by Interstate Bakeries. Some bakers franchise both brands, but they aren’t the same company.

Reinhard and Emillie Brown founded Brown’s Bakery in 1873; Margaret Henkle, the last of the third generation, died last summer at the age of 95. Their factory is too new to have been the original one; it appears to have been built between WWI and WWII.

Notable LocationsEdit


These following locations are locations where the logo of the Bunny Bread Brand can still be found.


The following is a list of former locations.

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