Devin Chandler is the current ringmaster at the Shrine Circus.

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Devin is descended from a town in Ontario, Canada, known as Brantford, already famous as the hometown of Hockey immortal Wayne Gretzky, and also known to the world as the home of Mr. Alexander Graham Bell’s famous invention, the telephone, the instrument that changed how we communicate forever. Now it is famous for another illustrious son, your golden voiced ringmaster.

All told, Mr. Chandler was born to entertain. At the age of seven, his first appearance on stage (of course in a non speaking roll of that of a circus drummer) in the children’s play “the Dandelion”. It must have made an impression on the young Devin because he spent the rest of his school years appearing in other stage productions. This continued right through high school and on, until he graduated College, with a degree in Radio/Television. Naturally, he then started his varied carrier then and on a lark took a job with Canada’s famous Garden Bros. Circus. It was to be a ‘short’ tour, but it toured turned into a fifteen year odyssey. He started as the show’s lighting director but finished as a famous ‘singing’ ringmaster, happily guiding the public through hundreds of memorable performances. Now with the assistance of his beautiful wife Sarah, Devin not only announces the evenings’ spectacle but together they present their new and unusual illusion act, sure to astound audiences who have never seen such amazing wonders before. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the entire collection of Wonders that the Shrine Circus will bring for your eyes to behold. Enjoy Devin’s singing. And remember to enjoy all the wonders that will appear before you.

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