The Ekdahl–Goudreau Site is an archaeological site located just west of Seul Choix Point in Schoolcraft County, Michigan.[2] It is also known as the Ekdahl–Goodreau Site or the Seul Choix site.[3] It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.[1]

History Edit

The Ekdahl–Goudreau Site was discovered by George I. Quimby and James R. Getz in 1962.[4] In 1965, Earl J. Prahl returned to the site to perform further excavation.[5] Pottery artifacts date the site to the Late Woodland period.[4]

Description Edit

The Ekdahl–Goudreau Site is located above a small natural harbor among sloping beds of limestone along the shore of Lake Michigan.[4] The harbor is about 200 feet long and slightly less in width, with a sloping sand beach on the landward side. The site is located a few hundred feet back from the harbor and 20 feet above the waterline, on a level sandy area.[4]

Debris, consisting of pottery sherds, flints, and fragments of copper artifacts, were spread over an extensive area, likely by the wind.[4]

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