The Hancock and Calumet Railroad was a railroad owned by the Hancock and Calumet Rail Road Company.


The railroad of Hancock and Calumet Rail Road Company, herein called the Hancock and Calumet, is a single-track, standard-gage, steam railroad, located in the most northerly part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The owned mileage extends northeasterly from Hancock to Lake Linden, and northerly from Lake Junction on that line to Mohawk, an aggregate of 22.797 miles. The Hancock and Calumet also owns yard and side tracks totaling 34.603 miles. Its road thus embraces 57.400 miles of all tracks owned. All of the property is leased to and operated by the carrier.

Corporate historyEdit

The Hancock and Calumet was incorporated on January 14, 1885, under the general laws of the State of Michigan, for the purpose of constructing and operating a narrow-gage railroad from Portage Lake to Red Jacket, Mich., about 18 miles.

The detailed facts as to the development of the fixed physical property will be found in Appendix 2.



The owned mileage was constructed as follows:

  • 1885, Hancock to Lake Linden 9
  • 1885, Lake Junction to Calumet 8
  • 1887, Calumet to Allouez 5
  • 1891, Allouez to Mohawk 1

Total 23

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