Not to be confused with Houghton County Sheriff's Office.

The Houghton Police Department (HPD), officially the City of Houghton Police Department, was established a while ago, and is the official municipal police force of Houghton, Michigan.

IMG 20140916 201558

The Houghton Police Department patch, depicting the department logo.

Current membersEdit

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The Houghton Police Department currently maintains a staff of seven full time officers and some part time officers. It is their goal to maintain a close partnership with the Houghton City Council and develop a partnership with our citizens in an effort to provide a safe environment for all.

The following make up the staff of the Department:

Individual Appointed

and sworn

John Donnelly ??? Chief of Police
Nick Roberts ??? Lieutenant
Daron Kari ??? Sergeant
Scott Monette ??? Sergeant
Alan Narhi ??? Patrolman
Phil Helminen ??? Patrolman
Jeremy Hill ??? Patrolman
Amy Zawada ??? Code Enforcement Officer
Polly Salmi ??? Office Manager
Marcy Rajala ??? Parking Enforcement Officer

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