The Isle Royale Queen II was a passenger ship that brought eager tourists to Isle Royale. It's current whereabouts remain unknown.
IMG 20140825 211150
IMG 20140826 054930

Isle Royale Queen here pulls away form its Copper Harbor wharf. Aboard are almost 50 passengers bound for a two hour journey on Lake Superior which, on this occasion, was so smooth that there hardly was any type roll to the craft. [Photo of the boat sailing on calm waters resembling glass.]


In 1989, the Isle Royale Queen II was returned to the Vinette Boat Company to be lengthened to 81-feet simply by adding 24 feet to the stern. The design was done by Naval Architect Timothy Graul of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Who also guided the Coast Guard testing and approval process. The vessel was re-christened the Isle Royale Queen III. The lengthening great improved the Queen's ability to take on high seas without diving and cork-screwing, a plunging motion which brought on a lot of seasickness resulting in a variety of names, such as: Barf Barge, Chuck Wagon, etc. The following year, the Queen III was repowered with twin Caterpillar engines.

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