Jinn Bjorne was the former chief of police in Ishpeming, Michigan. He was part of the Ishpeming Police Department.

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Status as chief of policeEdit

Predecessor: Unidentified Ishpeming Police Chief


Eight U.P. counties have ballot issues.

Ishpeming’s long–awaited city council recall will be decided at the ballot box.

Supporters of former city police chief Jim Bjorne have been pushing the recall issue.

Bjorne was chief for more than 20 years, until he was fired last September.

The petition targets three city council members…

Elaine Racine, Claudia Demarest and Mike Tall.

Bjorne worked for the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department before becoming Ishpeming’s chief.

If his county tenure had been added to his City service time, Bjorne would have retired with a full pension last year.

In March 2011, he asked the city council for a service time transfer.

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