"My pride and arrogance clouded my judgment."

Justin Dee McLean is a convicted bank robber responsible for the robbery of The Northern Michigan Bank and Trust.

IMG 20140823 184900



On an unspecified date in October 2012, McLean carried a lookalike plastic gun to The Northern Michigan Bank and Trust, held up the banker and walked away with $20,000.

Capture and TrialEdit

The police conducted a thorough investigation of the incident before calling in the FBI. A Department of Natural Resources plane was brought in to search from the sky, while a K-9 unit searched the woods with police officers and FBI agents.

Two federal agents apprehended McLean and sent him to the court where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

IMG 20140823 184932

McLean holds up the banker. Image via security camera footage.

IMG 20140823 184916

McLean upon entering the bank. Image provided via security camera footage.


McLean is currently serving eight years in the Marquette Branch Prison.

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