Kallay Batchelor is a murderer from Escanaba, Michigan.
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Case HistoryEdit

According to Escanaba Public Safety, at 4:19 a.m. officers where dispatched to a call that a women had "an object in her throat." On the way to the scene, officers expected to find a woman choking.

When they arrived, they found a woman, 32-year-old mother of two Heather Batchelor, in the upstairs bedroom, dead.

She suffered a stab wound to the throat with a kitchen knife. Investigations determined there was a domestic assault which resulted in the woman's death. They arrested the victims husband, Kallay Batchelor.


  • 2014
    • September 4th, Escanaba, Michigan
      • Heather Batchelor (shoved knife through her neck into her throat)
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Heather Batchelor.

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