Keweenawite is a discredited mineral species. It was described as an arsenide of copper, nickel, and cobalt containing 39% to 54% copper, 9.7% to 20% nickel, and 0.9% cobalt.[1] Keweenawite was discovered in July 1901, in theMohawk Mine, Keweenaw County,Michigan. George A Koenig analyzed and named the copper ore.[2]

History Edit

Keweenawite was first discovered, in July of 1901, located on the fifth level of the Mohawk Mine between Shaft No. 1 and Shaft No. 2. Fred Smith, mine superintendent, sent specimens to George A Koenig for analysis. Dr. Koenig deemed it to be a new mineral species and named it Keweenawite, after its discovery locality, Keweenaw County. [3]

However, a re-analysis of the material in 1971 found the keweenite to be a mixture of the copper and nickel arsenates: α-domeykite, niccolite andrammelsbergite.[4]

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