The Landmark Inn is a hotel that was founded in Marquette, Michigan in 1930. The hotel was originally conceptualized in 1910, but it did not start construction until 1917. Landmark Inn is a member of Historic Hotels of America, the official program of theNational Trust for Historic Preservation.[1]

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Background Edit

The Landmark Inn was first conceived around 1910. Construction did not begin until 1917 and was not completed until 13 years later in 1930. The doors to the hotel opened on January 8, 1930. It was a full service hotel until the 70's when the hotel began to fall apart. The previous owner failed to maintain the structure and the hotel finally closed in 1982. Another 13 years went by before someone bought the hotel. It was fully restored from top to bottom. The Landmark reopened it doors in 1997.

Special rooms and people Edit

Inside the hotel is a plethora of specially named rooms. They represent the multiple celebrities that have stayed there. These people include Amelia Earhart, whose room is 502. Others have stayed in the hotel such asAbbot and Costello, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Jim Harrison, John Stamos,Giancarlo Esposito the sing group Peter, Paul, and Mary, Maya Angelou, Bill Cosby, and many others.[2]

Attractions Edit

The highly noted stars that stayed there is not the only reason people flock to this hotel. Some people come for thrills and others for the chills. The Landmark Inn is located right downtown Marquette, which places guests within walking distance to many other attractions. The Women's Winter Tour and the Pine Music Festival is held near the Landmark Inn. As the hotel aged, the stories and myths have developed. Ghost stories and reports of paranormal activity have been noted throughout the hotel's history. Guests and employees have reported unexplained events in the building and in certain rooms. The local myths include stories about a librarian who haunts The Lilac room and another presence that visits The North Star Lounge on the 6th floor. The panoramic views of Lake Supeior atop the 6th floor is another main attraction.

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