The Crane of the Sault is a statue located on Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

IMG 20140907 211311


The statue in this picture is "The Crane of the Sault". The statue was given by Stella Osborn, wife of the only governor from the Upper Peninsula, Chase Osborn. The dedication of the statue was on June 8, 1985.


The statue depicts the Chippewa Legend of two young brothers who fled their wicked mother, who was pursuing them with the intent to kill them. When they reached the north shore of the St. Mary’s Rapids they were met by a crane, who after hearing their story carried them to the south shore of the rapids. The Crane then met the mother on the north shore and agreed to transport her to the other side. Instead, the crane dropped the mother in the rapids. When she hit the stones below, the mother’s skull cracked open and her brains became the whitefish that inhabit the rapids to this day. The crane adopted the boys and one of them remained in the area, married the daughter of the crane, and founded Bahweting.

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